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Winter has just arrived and we have plenty of energy to cope with it, we have plenty of guests, we take out our board games, our house is filled with kids and their friends, our basement is filled with happiness, screaming and fighting and friendly competitions. All these big and little pleasures of life allow us to rest, fill ourselves with new strengths and appreciate the comfort, the warmth and the peace that settles in our homes.

After celebrations ended, after giving and unwrapping presents we want to prepare ourselves for a long winter. And cocooning is all we need. It is the time when our homes need to become the most comfortable. We light candles, gather around the fireplace, cook stews, prepare delicious hot chocolate, we surround ourselves with pillows, put on huge slippers, soft pajamas, we take out our blankets and throws. Finally, we have time to read tremendous volumes that we waiting for us for an eternity, we can take a bubble bath and listen to soothing music. Actually, this is the time of year when we can do everything that pleases us. We need to think, take time to appreciate each passing moment.

And also….make a lot of scrapbooking in order to remember all these precious moments that make us happy.

This is exactly all that I was thinking about while preparing the kit « Cocooning ». It is warm, cuddly and welcoming like our home during this cold time of the year.

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