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There is something magical about it.
I was born in Moscow and I spent most of my life there. In Moscow winters are white, long and cold and I never thought that winter could still surprise me. But when the year I came to Montreal I witnessed the huge snowstorm in March and, the year that followed the famous ice storm I understood that I had still many to learn from this incredible season.

Snowstorm….30, 40, 50 centimeters of falling snow and sometimes more. Cars covered with snow up to their roofs and you are trying to shovel the snow hoping that the plow truck does not pass by before you finish and push the snow onto your car. And that often happens. Or else, you are hoping that plow truck finally comes, because even if you succeed in freeing your car from the snow, the road is still covered with it. And if you take a bus you have to confront mountains of snow left behind by the plowers on the sidewalks. Traffic jams everywhere and everybody is late for work. But the most incredible thing is that everything still works, maybe slowly during a few days, but it still works. The underground downtown is full, the food courts are full too and the only topic to talk about is the snowstorm.

And after the snowstorm it is the kid’s paradise.
The temperature gets mild as if nature takes a break after a big fight, there is no wind but a lot of snow. Parks, slides pack with kids, there is snowmen everywhere,

And to remember these unforgettable moments I propose you this kit: plenty of snowflakes, it is cold and very wintry. There you will find a lot of glitter with a jolly and smiley touch a little bit like a snowman itself. I also included a chipboard alphabet where each and every letter is handmade and different.You can make layouts or alter chipboards to create a book keeping all the magic winter memories.

I invite you to visit 2 sites with a beautiful snowstorm's and winter's pictures...

Site 1

Site 2

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