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King’s Daughters

The photographs were taken in the restaurant "Les filles du Roy"
405, st. Bonsecours, Old-Montreal
Tel: (514)282-1725
Thank you very much!

The term « the King’s Daughters » refers exclusively to women and girls who immigrated to New France between 1663 and 1673. These young women, who were the perfect age to get married and procreate, were called this because the expenses tied to their transportation, establishment as well as the dowry of some of them, were assured by the royal tresory.

Sent by Louis XIV under Jean Talon’s request, these girls were an average of 24 years old. They came, for most of them, from the Paris General Hospital, an hospice where the poor and the abandonned children were kept. They disembarked with a dowry from the king between 50 and 100 pounds and six months later, they were generally married.
Of the 1000 of women that made the trip, only 800 disembarked in Canada."


Here you can see the list of 765 King’s Daughters. Maybe you will find some of your ancestors…


I learned this story in 2000 while we were looking for a restaurant to celebrate our wedding.

While walking in Old Montreal, which my husband (the fiancé) and I love, we stopped in front of this absolutely incredible building. It was snowing, the Bonsecours Church was shining with all its splendor and this house breathed so much history that it felt like the stone walls were going to start talking! All of a sudden, the doors opened and the couple coming out of the building said “What an amazing décor! What delectable cuisine!”. Do you think we were able to resist?!… We went in and history started turning its destiny wheel…

The décor was splendid, the history, cuisine, their reception, the location’s charm conquered us and we chose this wonderful place to celebrate our wedding.

What a wonderful room we had. The most beautiful and oldest one, with the original fireplace. And like the owner of the hotel once told us: “ You are now part of these walls”… because… During the night after our wedding, I got pregnant with my first child.

And each year ever since, we celebrate our anniversary here. This year was the 7th time!

What is that place?… Well, it’s Pierre Du Calvet, the hotel where the restaurant “The King’s Daughters”, (Les Filles Du Roy”) is located.
Here it is:
Pierre du Calvet

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