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Flamenco - the most distinguished and proudest dance I ever saw.
No, I did not go yet to Spain, to Andalusia (One day surely I will visit this country. It’s a dream for a long time…) where this dance is the Queen of all dances and I never saw true Flamenco - This dance has his origin from the street and is inspired by the spontaneousness and the emotions born in the heart from people. The dance starts with impromptu songs and is developed in a true opening of heart with its feelings. All is there; sorrow, love, loneliness.

To my knowledge one does not know yet from where comes this word “Flamenco”. But in fact gipsies of Andalusia had created this dance in the XV century. And since the gipsies (or Tziganes) originating in India moved much in the past while absorbing here and there the Arab culture, Jewish, Byzantine, etc, We can imagine all the richness and all the mystery contained in this dance.

And me, I was likely to see it 2 times. Once it was in Montreal when there was a Spanish troop which had come to give concerts during one day (I am sorry because I don’t remember their name). And the 2nd time it was in Moscow when I saw the spectacle of one of the dancers most known of Flamenco - Joaquin Cortes.
To describe you these concerts… I will not have words. But I will remember for always this almost mystical, quiet atmosphere in the theatre when the “cantaor” (singers) begin their songs sad and languid, when the guitar and the dancer start to accompany them and at the end when the rhythm and the expression are so strong that one almost does not believe their eyes. And of these cries of the public who intends from time to time to encourage the dancers: “ Viva tu madre! ”.
These spectacles will remain engraved forever in my memory among the most beautiful moments of my life.

And it is this dance which inspired to me to make you these 2 kits. I added there fabrics and laces like pointing out the costumes of the dancers.

And here I put the chronicle of Chantal Laliberté to give you ideas to use fabrics by making scrapbooking.


FABRIC by Chantal Laliberte


When I was asked to write an article on this topic, I immediately got out my fabric scraps to see the different possibilities… The least we can say is that fabric is very versatile, whether it’s cotton, denim, velvet, toile, jute, felt, etc. Adding fabric to your scrapbook pages can be an original way of adding that extra touch.

Fabric can replace paper, or you can create different embellishments with fabric, or cut out the pattern from fabric and use it as a decoration. You can dye it, paint it, ink it, sew it… possibilities are endless!

Since a picture’s worth a thousand words, here are the different possibilities, in pictures…

A border, a frame...

The first thing that comes to mind is to cut a strip of fabric to transform it into a border... a simple uncentered knot, fraying the edges by pulling on the threads. Personnally, I like glueing my fabric with a double sided tape, but you can also fix it with a glue stick, a few stitches, etc.

Also, to add more texture, you can glue the fabric straight down, or create creases in it.

Treat it like paper...

You can also give the same treatment that you do to paper... use it to frame a photo, a title or your text, to fix on our page as our inspiration goes or create labels.

Create, cover, cut out...

It’s possible to create embellishments with our fabric, whether it be a flower or even covering a button of a chipboard shape.

You can also trace different shapes which you cut out, like scrolls, arrows, letters, flowers or birds, from the fabric.

On the next photo, we can see that I traced an arrow on denim and I also used fabric to frame a title.

I also covered a button with a piece of fabric. A little trick I found to put the fabric into the hole of a button is to take the tip and roll a bit of adhesive paper... the roll needs to be smaller than your button hole.

You can also play in the fabric strips to create a frame for your photo. In this case, I used a strip of fabric that I rolled around a slide mount that I create in cardboard.

We can also cut out the design of the fabric to make a decoration. To accentuate the flower motif, I added a bit of glitter.

What is also insteresting with fabric is that we can paint it, dye it, ink it...

For the letter “O”, I stamped on the fabric with acrylic paint.

For the R, I cut out my letter and then, with a white pen, I added fake stitching.

Here’s a piece of fabric that I inked.

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