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At the beginning I wanted to call this kit "The Adventurer Man". But I could not find this quite true… because the greatest adventurer in our family is a woman: me.

Recently watching with my son a world map which is hung on the wall beside my desk, as it was in all the apartments I have lived around the world, and we have calculated how many countries I had visited. I had calculated 30 countries (!). I had not counted twice the countries I have visited several times (as Italy, France, New Caledonia, Denmark, USA, etc.). And the cities that I had visited in my homeland -- Russia and that I had explored during my expeditions with the University and the travels with my friends and during my summer vacation.

Yes, I can truly say that I am a great adventurer. This passion was probably given me by my parents who have travelled a lot and also probably by my ancestors through their genes (What blood will not be found in the veins of my family?…).

After the fall "Iron Wall" me and my friends we became citizens of the world. While remaining very attached to Russia, we choose to visit other countries to work, study or continue to live there. I can circumnavigate the globe just visiting my friends…

But now my priority is my family. Now my next big adventure is to use all the experiences I had done for the benefit of my family, my job and of course for all the clients and visitors of “ Scrapmagie” which is probably my greatest adventure of all…

I would always write a travel journal to give to my children all my memories of these trips. Maybe this kit will help me to do so. It is so inspiring!
And who knows what other pages of my life will be writing in this adventure and travel journal.


And now the details of the kit …

This kit give you more possibilities. You can use it for your vacation, for your daily life, for girls or for boys. It is classic and I am sure it will inspire you without breaking your head and that was the original purpose of all my kits…

Here are the simple papers

This is a slightly, beautiful and embossed paper

Double Papers. Recto


Black overlays

The alphabet is in very very thin chipboard, classic.

4 sheets of Basic Grey stickers in chipboard. I love it.

The Rub-ons

The rub-ons with decorative stones. You decide where to place them.

Frames in Crystals

And in chipboards lightly embossed

This magnificent felt and decorative stones to embellish your flowers, for example

Different tags

Flowers , Brads

Ttransparent Frames

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