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Bilboquet and Popsicle

The Bilboquet…

For many people this word will probably recall memories from their childhood when they were trying with major efforts to catch the ball with the Bilboquet.

But for the people of Montreal, this word also means a magnificent creamery, which offers ice cream (ice) and crafted sorbets. It’s very, very good!

At the beginning when I was just arrived in Canada one of my team members at the University invited me to come and eat ice cream there. In addition to having enjoyed this creamery, I loved this street where it was located.

I did not drive a car at that time and when my friend returns in Europe in his country, I was unable to go there again because I can’t remember his name and location…

But one day, while my boyfriend and I were looking for an apartment to rent in Montreal, we find this dairy and this street by accident.

Since then, this wonderful place is part of our favorite route during warm days. We've brought there all our friends and often we find them there by chance. And now I made a kit inspired by this creamery.

Life is full of surprises ...

And one day if you are coming in Montreal, I suggest you to do a short visit there to enjoy the flavors they offer. It is succulent!

The address:

1311, Bernard Avenue,
Outremont, Quebec
Canada, H2V 1W1

And do you know history of Popsicle?!...

History of Popsicle

Popsicle’s site

I'll show you few items that are included in both kits and that we did not see much…

With the kit "Popsicle" I plan to give courses, so the quantity is limited!

Kit « Bilboquet ».
You can see the creations of Betsy Veldman in the July Gallery.

Scalloperd Papers

Papers double recto

This paper you can you by cuting the frames

Wiyh Glitter

Paper double verso


Felt Alphabet



Kit “Popsicle”
You can see the creations of Mara May July Gallery



I adore these hummy papers

With Glitter

Paper double recto

Beautiful Papers

Paper double verso

Chipboard Alphabet

Rub-ons with Glitter. WOW!

Some embellishments

Ribbons and lace

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