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Theme Baskets October

This is a new kind of product on the Scrapmagie web site.

These baskets of products are including exclusive Scrapmagie items that I found or that I will create for you (such as labels, projects albums, etc.). These baskets will complement your kits or may be added to the Inspiration section proposed for each month.

These baskets will give you the opportunity to go even further with your creativity using all possibilities that the art of scrapbooking can offer.

Please note techniques and tips might be associated with these baskets. If that happens, they will be sent only to customers who have purchased them.

So this month I offer 3 baskets:

The first is the "Bohemian Basket" filled with beautiful embroidered fabrics, thread to embroider, magnificent embellishments and beautiful ribbons and colored lace.

The second is the "Halloween Basket" including stamps, paper and beautiful embellishments.

The third is the "Basket Autumn Vintage." I love this style and I include in the basket all that is necessary to complete your projects in this style. In addition, I will send the step by step how to make the creative album.

Good creation!

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