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January 19, 2010

Personal challenge No. 1
(look at the message of January 11, 2010)

I love cameos. I find it so beautiful. And I was very pleased when one of my favourite companie "Webster's Pages" has produced cameos which can be incorporated into our creations.
Do you have this product in the kits "Russian Seasons" and "Swan Lake" and I will offer other models soon.

And long ago I wanted to make paper cameos. And now, that is the opportunity for making it. You can download the paper HERE.

I've made this card which will soon be sent to Russia ...

I liked the technique that has been shown by Daniel Thompson to make frames by using pictures. Awesome!

You can see another example


January 17, 2010

Weekly Walks

It was impossible to walk away without taking some photos of the contents of that window. And as you see you can see the flashes' reflection on it, I was not alone. This is the Christmas shop-window of a shop selling glasses. What an imagination they have! And the title was " La parenté est arrivée " (Meaning: "When all the family came together"). Even the cat is there.

And that's the flower shop.

The house with owls. Do you see it?

The adorable little angels.

When it's very cold outside, you would like to eat something hot and comforting. And I think the soup is the perfect meal for that. And if I do not want to cook at home, I go to the restaurant "SoupeSoup". It's so delicious that you always want to come back for more.
Each day, they prepare various soups make with fresh products bought every morning at the market accompanied by sandwiches of choice. And it is really good. I am also always impressed by the choice of spices that they that adds a lot of flavours to it..

This time, I tried the Hawaiian pineapple warm soup including ham and other ingredients with also an asparagus sandwich. What an incredible mix, is not it?


January 15, 2010

Today, we went at a "I musici de Montréal" concert directed by Maestro Yuli Turovsky.
At the music menu, the music of Rymskii-Korsakov who reminded me a lot of my childhood memories, of Kreisler who made me dream about the beautiful Vienna, of Ysaye that I heard for the first time and by showing in his music a unique sense of drama, of Sarasate who made me traveled to Spain with his music and also many other great composers.
That was incredible!

And I must honestly admit that I miss classic music concert tremendously. In fact, when I was living in Moscow, I occasionally visited the Conservatory where great musicians gave their concerts. Here for all sorts of reasons, that have been impossible for me to go here at the concert as often as I wanted.
I think the last time was when the Maestro Spivakov gave a concert with Helene Mercier Arnault.

I really expect to resume my old habits this year and this, as often as possible ...

And you? Did you often go to concerts of classical music?
For your messages:


January 11, 2010

I have read, earlier this year, a lot of blogs talking about this idea of choosing one word to inspire myself during all the year 2010.

I asked myself what I want to do this and how I want to do it. And then I realized this word will be .... the word "creation". The creation is everywhere in my life, in my family, with my friends, in my work and of course in my scrapbooking work.

And speaking of scrapbooking, I would try to do things that I've never done and that I always intended to make long ago. This is a good challenge, don't you think?!
Ah ...
And after all the experience that I have developed in the area of scrapbooking with my many projects, etc.. There are still many things that I never tried. Therefore, by the way, I find that art so great.

So, with paper and pencil in hand .... and 15 minutes later I found for myself 56 projects to make or to try to achieve ... But with time, I am sure I will find more.
I love that ...

Now, how to get there ?!...
I do not know if you're like me, but I know from experience that making 52 projects (weekly), 365 (daily) or even 12 (monthly) does not work with me. Am I disorganized? ... Of course, not. If that was like that, Scrapmagie may not be able to exist! I rather think that I am unable to create on-demand or by obligation. I realized that I can create only by inspiration. And how that could be otherwise, don't you think that have to be always like that? "

So that is my personal challenge and I'd like to achieve it. Whether that takes me 1 year, 2 years or more, it does not matter. The most important thing is to have fun.

I like sharing these projects with you, so come and visit me here from time to time on my site.
As always I'll give you links and maybe I can help you discover a lot of creative or interesting websites.


January 10, 2010

You asked me to show you an album that was done during my class at the Scrapbook Cafe crop. Here it is.

Thank you to all ladies and special thanks to Gigi!. I was very happy to share my tips and my techniques with you. As promise, I send you an explanation next week.


January 8, 2010

These Holidays were absolutely incredible. Now I would like just finish my album to 1 from 31 and show you.

Do you know what I find the most difficult when January 1st arrived? That is when I have to close the old agenda and to start a new one. I feel like turning a page of my life history and like starting to write a new one.
Therefore, I must rewrite everything: activities, birthdays. events and so on.

This year I have received as a gift a Japanese agenda translated into English as well as in four other languages including French. It's very interesting. Everything is well thought out. I love it!
I just have added a personal touch by altering the cover.
Here it is.

And the calendar ... O-la-la!, What a choice! You can buy, build or print them.

I love the one from Papaya.

And this one with a Matriochka (via ScrapScene)

And this one with drawings.

I also created one for a gift to my friend. I'll show this calendar in January Gallery. For calendar and agenda I used Basket Gourmet.


The Renaissance ...
You probably know that period of history which was the beginning of Western cultural revival.
I think the first one to use that word was Giorgio Vasari. He was a painter and architect of the XXVI century and he was best known as author of a great work "The lives of great painters, sculptors and architects". His books were my bedside books when I studied the history of Italian art.

What a great period in time that was: great geographical discoveries, Copernican solar system where Earth is no longer the center of the universe, invention of printing, development of the theater with Shakespeare Petrarka and Lope de Vega, Venice and Florence architecture, the great painters and architects etc.. and so on.

And for me, the Renaissance was above all the great innovator Leonardo da Vinci.
I remember my first "encounters" with work of pure genius: I was 7 years old and I was with my brother in St. Petersburg for my winter vacation. At that time, he studied the art of Leonardo to write his thesis. I remember those great books filled with drawings, plans and paintings. Imagine, I was completely amazed. After my brother took me to the great Hermitage museum to visit the Leonardo da Vinci Room.

Since that time, I'm still in admiration with his work. I try to read or see his work whenever I have the occasion. The last time that was in Milan when I saw his famous "Ultima Cena".

And this drawing of Leonardo da Vinci is the desktop wallpaper of my computer.

Thank you very much, my brother, for introducing me to the wonderful world of Leonardo!

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