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Caprure life

This project was inspired by our weekly walks that we do as a family and that I described from time to time in the "Step by Step» section and here.

I am often asked why it is these walks. And you see, I did not know ... When I was little, we always came out the weekend to go to the theatre, museum, or visiting friends. In fact, when my children became old enough to do it that seemed to me quite natural. And considering that I love Montreal, it allowed me to visit and discover beautiful places, restaurants, and museums and those we can associate with each season and this, in taking advantage of them as much as possible.

Given the fact that my daughter started school this year, that becomes an important period in our family history because that end an age and start a new one at the same time. And that's why I want to capture this magical moment in our lives. So I decided to create this project which began in August, the month when my children start their studies.

And now, the album is finished. You have everything that you need in this project to succeed in producing it. And you just have to fill it. For that, you can use pieces cut off from the project or papers and embellishments of your choice according to each months and seasons. And now that is our Turn!

How can you make this album? I'll show you how in the "Step by Step" section. You can also see some pictures in "Gallery".

And let me show you our first weekly walk that we made after the holidays.

We visited the reproduction of "an eighteenth-century Public Market" which is recreated every summer in Old Montreal on the Place Royale. People are dressed in costumes of that period and we can play, enjoy ourselves, learn and enjoy the gourmet delights at the time of New France. We spent the whole day and it was very interesting.

And there was particularly among the many booths that were there, two of them that absolutely amazed me. In the first one I saw for the first time, how they had done lace at that time. In the second one, we could see in genealogical books the origin of surnames current in Quebec, and this from the surnames of the first settlers in New France. With these books, we had found the ancestor of my husband who came here from Normandy in 1659. Incredible!

Here are some pictures….

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